The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 12, 2013

Tea party members are good people

The Commercial-News

---- — Tea party members are good people


This is in response to Cynthia Tucker’s Oct. 16 column. I would like to tell about some tea partiers I know. They are good, old — oh excuse me, young people, too — although she says they are all old.

They are honest, hard-working people, some retired. They remember when people worked for their food. They understood if you are disabled, you need help. They have no prejudice against black people. If a good, conservative black candidate would run, and they thought him capable of their office, they wouldn’t notice he was black.

I’m sure the tea party members just want our country back. Remember, we were founded on Christian beliefs. They and I would like to see our country return to being a great Christian nation where our children can pray in school or any public place, where we can pray in the name of Jesus, where we hear “Merry Christmas” instead of “Season’s Greetings,” and where Jesus is portrayed on Christmas floats instead of all the commercial floats with Santa as the star.

We have given up enough, and we want our country back. I cannot see how this group of patriotic Americans can be torn apart for loving their country, for being loyal and working to better it. Many veterans are members of this group.

The great United States we knew in our generation has ceased to be, but I still think it is the greatest of all countries.

May God bless America again.

Glenda Eaton