The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 6, 2013

Tucker column was unfair

The Commercial-News

---- — Tucker column was unfair


I think the Oct. 16 column by Cynthia Tucker was way over the top of fair journalism. She said that tea party people were motivated by deep-seated racial antagonism. Then she goes on to say, “The potency of their hatred, the irrationality of their tactics and the venom in their backlash, is that they are fighting for their way of life, their control and power.”

She ends say, “They are willing to burn down the country to save it from people of color.”

I think she was inciting hatred, division and animosity. Does she know that Ben Carlson, a black man, is a favorite for many tea party people in the next election?

Most people I know who are conservative are not looking at the color of someone’s skin, including our president’s; they are concerned about government intrusion, and losing our freedom as Americans.

Oh yes, she also said ultraconservatives are motivated by antipathy toward the federal government, and by their religious beliefs, as well as being suspicious of taxes. That is true, and it has nothing to do with race. I can’t imagine having religious beliefs that do not motivate a person.

Linda Jones