The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 23, 2013

Politics first, people last

The Commercial-News

---- — Politics first, people last


The latest chant of the American voter is “Throw the bums out, both Democrats and Republicans. They don’t work for the people who elected them.” It’s been the same game for too long — politics first, people last.

When confronted with the health care issue, smiling Sen. Dick Durbin supported his government plan even though he, as the others ion Congress, did not want to be on Obamacare. They voted for it and were supposed to be on it like the rest of us. Once again, who ends up with the bill for the elite in Washington, D.C.? You do, the taxpayer.

The continuing problem with the Washington elite is that they are mostly career politicians. It is no wonder more than 90 percent of them are millionaires. That’s why they waste much of their time planning their next election bid. Most of these so-called representatives of the people have been stagnant for too long.

During next year’s election, it’s time to replace them.

Charles J. Matul

Covington, Ind.