The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 2, 2013

Gun control will not work

The Commercial-News

---- — Editor:

President Obama is calling for more gun control over the naval employees shooting in Washington, D.C.

The shooter had a top secret security clearance, but was WACKO. How did this happen? The federal government fell flat on their face is how.

No armed security forces on a U.S. naval base, that is how. After Fort Hood in Texas, how could this happen? The Navy had to wait for security to arrive and then wait longer on local police forces. Local police forces on a naval station base, that makes a lot of sense? Some of the security forces had to run a half of a mile to get there.

Why did this happen? It happened because our politicians went to work and agreed to disagree, which put this nation in sequester. They didn’t have transportation to get there because of this. Again it is just another example of our politicians falling flat on their faces. If only the government would enforce the laws that we have now they wouldn’t need any more.

If someone wishes to break into my home the police need not hurry as they will still be here when they do arrive.

And last but in no means least, politicians love unarmed peasants.

If we can’t protect our military, how is the government going to protect us?

Bob Smitley