The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 17, 2013

North Vermilion traffic a mess

The Commercial-News

---- — North Vermilion traffic a mess


I live on Sonny Lane, which is a street on the east side of Vermilion Street and is between the traffic lights at Boiling Springs Road and the traffic light at Walmart.

I am very happy to have Kohl’s and Meijer in Danville. I’ve been to Kohl’s several times and purchased gas at Meijer, but have yet to shop at the Meijer store.

I agree with the lady from Tractor Supply who was on the TV news on Wednesday. There is going to end up being a lot of fender-benders and eventually a serious wreck. The two times I’ve been to the Meijer gas station I’ve used the frontage road and took advantage of the stop light to enter and exit. However, there are many people who don’t.

Unfortunately, when the light at Boiling Springs Road is red, the light at the Walmart entrance is green — so there is never a good time to access Vermilion Street during busier times. There are times that it’s hard to get out of Sonny Lane because we get caught between the lights. In addition, Sundays add an increase to traffic due to the Vineyard Church on Poolside Drive.

I do not think things will be better when the barrels are gone and the construction work is completed, as stated in the Commercial-News by David Schnelle. I sincerely hope the good news of having many new businesses in Danville isn’t marred by any serious accidents.

Sharon Clore