The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 1, 2012

Missing special friends


DANVILLE — Editor:

How saddened I was when I opened the Commercial-News on Oct. 9 to the obituraries to see the name of a dear friend, Betty Carter Switzer. It brought back memories of when I first returned to the Danville area after having been gone 16 years. Being married to a state trooper, we were assigned to the Peoria district and left Danville in1959. We came back to the Danville area in 1974.

When it was class reunion time, Myra Mattius Doan stood in line at my ice cream shop in Tilton on a very hot evening. She waited her turn to ask for the addresses of my siblings, Katie Shahadey LaHood and Charlie Shahadey, so she could send them an invitation to the Danville High School Classes of 1939 to 1944, I believe, reunion.

It was then that I learned three lovely classmates had been having these reunions for some years. They were Barbara Dennis Cook, Myra Matthius Doan and Betty Carter Switzer. These great gals saw to it with hard work and devotion to keep that reunion going for many years until death and bad health caused the end of those wonderful times.

I believe our friend Barbara passed away first, then friend Myra. Betty kept the reunions going for five years after.

Now our friend Betty has passed away and with that beautiful memories of those three dedicated girls. I miss them very much. Thanks to Betty, Myra and Barbara for all they did to make so many of us remember our high school days and friends.

Bess Shahadey Thornsbraugh