The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 26, 2014

Don't forgive or forget crimes

The Commercial-News

---- — Don’t forgive or forget crimes

Recent, articles on the front pages of The (Champaign) News-Gazette and Commercial-News prompted my thoughts and opinions; this letter is not a fact-based researched dissertation.

The irony of freedom in the United States: homeless veterans are scorned and need much in repayment for their service; U of l instructor, a former SLA criminai who is afforded praise and prestige and a big salary with benefits; Angela Davis, escorted to the U of I and treated royally; and Bill Ayers, who is a prominent instructor and activist at the U of I, Chicago, former Underground Weatherman member who never had to pay for his crimes against his country. All are still respected citizens by many.

During years of anti-American activities, some of these SLA members and other criminals of their ilk who railed against “the establishment,” were financed by wealthy family members and friends who supported their criminal behavior against ordinary, working citizens whose children were fighting in Vietnam, and they escaped being drafted.

I realize extreme, radical, far-left-thinking, anti-American citizens have the right to live, vote, and work here, but I do not think their crimes against our country and its innocent citizens should ever be forgotten, forgiven, or overlooked and excused. I will never understand why these criminals should be allowed to teach our youth on American campuses, draw big salaries and benefits, much of it provided by tax dollars, let alone be praised for their brightness.

I had only disdain for them when I was young and more now, they who were cowardly, often drug-infused anarchists then and now, regardless of their being seen by some as “a scholar,” “a good writer,” “not a typical ex-con” or “a very bright fellow.”

Many of our veterans were not given the opportunities to earn comparable labels although I praise all veterans and regard them with deserved esteem.

I urge people to please donate to all local veterans’ organizations and support their rights.

Karen Huchel resides in Catlin.