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March 25, 2014

U.S. should be a bully

The Commercial-News

---- — U.S. should be a bully


The United States has been an international bully. Ukraine proves we should have kept it that way.

The Ukraine crisis might end with destruction of hundreds of U.S. atomic bombs. President Obama promised as much when he whispered to a Russian official that “He would have more freedom to negotiate after he was re-elected.” Putin may eventually offer to leave Ukraine or other parts of Eastern Europe if we end our nuclear advantage. Then what?

But Ukraine brings back reflections of Ronald Reagan.

Without firing a shot, Reagan freed American hostages held in Iran. Without firing a shot, but investing heavily in defense and standing toe-to-toe with Gorbachev, he reunited Germany and freed eastern Europe from Russian tyranny.

By bombing Khadafy where he lived, Reagan silenced Khadafy’s notion of terrorism.

By putting troops on the ground in little Granada, he warned that if American lives were involved, “Don’t mess with us!” What a bully Reagan was.

Now, with Obama trying to end our reputation as a bully, Putin has called our bluff.

How do we now stop Putin from gradually retaking eastern Europe and throwing us once again into the fear of nuclear war? I doubt that we can, especially if we give up our nuclear advantage; when we whisper promises to Russian officials, the cat is out of the bag.

No one likes the schoolyard bully or likes the United States to be policeman for the world, but maybe our being a bully is best for world peace.

Ron Gore

Covington Ind.