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March 11, 2014

Support Wall on March 18

The Commercial-News

---- — Support Wall on March 18


The voters of Vermilion County have an opportunity to elect a candidate for circuit judge. Many of you may know Judge Karen Wall, who is running for the position. For those that do not know Karen, please consider the following:

1) Worked her way through law school and college;

2) Started as a law clerk for a local firm while still a law student, ultimately becoming an associate attorney upon graduation, and in just a few years elevated to partner;

3) Later established her own successful private practice serving residents of Vermilion County;

4) Appointed associate judge by a bipartisan panel of circuit judges in Vermilion County;

5) Working mother of two young boys, married to her husband Ron since 1997;

6) Received the highest rating of all candidates in a bar poll conducted by the Illinois State Bar Association;

7) The only candidate in her primary election recommended in the same poll as voted upon by her peers;

8) Down to earth, intelligent, compassionate and has never forgotten, that above all else, hard work is the key to success;

9) The only candidate for circuit judge with judicial experience;

10) Endorsed by retired Judge Thomas Fahey;

11) Endorsed by retired Judge Michael Clary to fill his vacancy;

12) She is clearly the most qualified candidate for the position. Her proven track record, respect of her peers in the profession, and admiration of friends in the community speaks volumes.

Please take the time to vote on March 18, and when you do, vote for the recommended candidate, Judge Karen Wall.

James D. Spiros