The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 6, 2013

Hearts and darts


DANVILLE — Here are some of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:

Andrea Miller of Cayuga, Ind., sends hearts “to the employees of the Hibachi Grill for not only returning, but for actively seeking my son’s iPod on a recent Saturday night.

“The waitress found it wedged between the booth and the wall. Once she found it, they kept the restaurant open late so my husband could retrieve it.

“When he tried to offer a monetary reward, they adamantly refused. The employees at the Hibachi Grill show us that honesty and integrity do still exist.”

Shirley Butcher of Danville sends hearts “to Randy and his band members for their wonderful band. They come to my home, Danville Care Nursing Home. We all get lonely and need to see someone to come to entertain us.

“Thanks to the staff here at Danville Care for getting these people to entertain. They play country and western music, my favorite.

“Many thanks.”

Darrell Reynolds, of West Lebanon, Ind., sends hearts to the Veterans Affairs Illiana Health Care System.

“Words cannot express the appreciation I have for this facility. Being a Korean War veteran, our association goes back many years.

“They have never compromised my dignity nor failed to thank me for my time in service.

“On a recent Saturday, I awoke knowing there was something wrong physically. Called urgent care and was told to come right in.

“When I arrived, they were waiting, and I was interviewed by a nurse and vitals were taken. Shortly after, I met with the doctor. She rechecked me and ordered a complete blood work-up, X-rays and urinalysis. Immediately those things were accomplished.

“While waiting for the results, I asked the lady at the admitting desk if she could turn the TV on so I could watch the Big Ten tourney. The TV was turned on and sometime later the results were in.

“Immediately I met with the doctor. And she described what they found and what she was prescribing.

“She told me the prescription would be ready by the time I reached the pharmacy. They were, and while waiting to be released the lady at admittance desk said my travel pay would be mailed.

“Can you believe this? They pay me to come in, pay for all diagnosis and testing, pay for all prescriptions and it never costs me a penny. Plus, they thank me for what I did for this country.

“You hear people crying about what is wrong with the United States. Well, folks, I can show you what is right.”

Daniel Bernardi of Danville sends hearts to an unknown good Samaritan.

“About the last week in March, I lost my billfold. It had a fair amount of money in it. It was found and turned in to the Public Safety Building.

“I just want to thank the person who found it and turned it in. Everything was intact, all the money and everything. There must be a place in heaven for such honest people because they’re rare anymore.”