The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 3, 2013

Vote Davis onto council


DANVILLE — Editor:

Please vote for the Rev. R.J. Davis who is running for alderman of Ward 3.

I first met Rev. Davis more than 13 years ago when he knocked on my door as an environmental inspector for the city of Danville. I was renting this property, and the bushes, trees and brush was taking over the back end of the yard.

Rev. Davis is a man of character. He loves helping others. He is a problem-solver who sees the problem through to completion. As an 89-year-old widow, Rev. Davis is always anxious to rake leaves or shovel snow. Just the other day, he called to say he was coming by with his shovel in the trunk to get my snow up if I needed. You see, he is very sensitive to my concerns and resourceful with names of people who can help me.

After our conversation that first meeting in the backyard, I asked him his name, and he responded with “I’ll leave my card for you at your front door.”

Since then, I’ve needed help with other things and Rev. Davis has been a true friend (even after his retirement from the city.) You can depend on him as he says. As I said, “he is a man of character.”

The Bible says that “all good things work together for good.” Our friendship has been extended to his wife, also.

His love of people and his sincere desire to help them has been a blessing to many. I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

Flossie B. Goode