The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 30, 2013

Put Carey on school board


DANVILLE — Editor:

I am pleased to announce my support for Mrs. Johnny Carey, candidate for District 118 school board. Mrs. Carey, a Lane College graduate, was recruited by Earnest Blanden in 1977. She brings a unique perspective to the board as a parent, former educator, district administrator, mentor and community volunteer.

Mrs. Carey holds a master’s degree from Eastern Illinois University, has an advance degree in education from the University of Illinois, has been a school principal, has been director of student services and has been director of human resources.

Mrs. Carey has served the district for 33 years. What more in a candidate could you ask for? Mrs. Carey has the vision, commitment and experience necessary to advance the principals of education. Experience matters and Mrs. Carey meets and exceeds every expectation imaginable as a candidate.

Her experience in the classroom and her life commitment to education separates her from the field of candidates for two very specific reasons. Mrs. Carey sees issues as they are and not as she would hope for them to be and she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to education.

While Mrs. Carey is among a field of outstanding candidates, your vote for her will be a win-win for education, students, parents and our community. On April 9, vote Johnnie Carey, punch No. 2 and let Mrs. Carey be your voice on the District 118 School Board.

Lloyd S. Randle