The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 4, 2013

A wisp of common sense


DANVILLE — Editor:

I write in regard to Laura Williams’ March 24 letter. Do I feel a wisp of common sense in the air? My wife, Janis, and I attend city council meetings nearly every Tuesday and have for years. We see and have commented on the same issues Laura speaks of — outrageous pay raises for those at the top.

When union officials get wind of this — and I’m sure they are aware — they will want theirs, and the vicious cycle continues.

My wife and I work in the private sector and have seen maybe one raise in the past five years, and it’s nowhere near 16 percent. Rumor has it — and it’s only rumor — some would leave if they did not received this money. Everyone can be replaced, especially in this economy.

I invite Laura to come to city council meetings and speak her mind. She will find like-minded people.

Cyril Ostiguy