The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 18, 2013

Review support system


DANVILLE — Editor:

I would like to thank Rep. Chad Hays’ office for helping my daughter in regard to her child support case.

The Division of Child Support Enforcement needs to be reorganized. I stated this in 1994 when I had to ask for help from Rep. Bill Black’s office about my case.

In 1994, Patrick Baikauskas of the Office of Legislation and External Affairs explained that the reason for the delays in receiving payments in a timely matter was “staff shortages.” That was 18 years ago. What is the reason now?

It seems to me, the quicker the custodial parent receives their child support payments, the quicker the welfare system can remove them off Link and/or TanF (cash) assistance, saving the state financially.

Please, I am pleading again to review this process as I know other single mothers will need the extra income to stay off welfare.

As I have stated before, the children are the ones that suffer.

Diana G. Bowers