The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 27, 2012

Stop abortion



Dear Mr. Nate Cunningham Sr., you are right, Don Hall is free to state his opinion, but do not accuse him of stating his own set of facts. Open your eyes and look around. When it comes to abortion, Mr. Hall understands this grave injustice.

To my knowledge, this country has not “settled this abortion business years ago.” We who choose to accept the known scientific fact that life begins at conception, and who highly respect the laws of nature — after all, we all have our humble beginning in our mother’s womb — are deeply saddened that others do not.

As for the “patient-doctor dichotomy” you left out the always forgotten third party — the unborn child, he who cannot speak to defend his own life. Oh, how convenient!

You also said “there are many that choose to kill if you do not accept their religious principles,” and that “we frown on that principle.” This is ironic. There are many ways to rationalize killing.

Mr. Cunningham, you have not won. If people refuse to reject relativism, and do not start to look at facts coupled with reason and stop this mass slaughter of innocence, we all lose.

Karen Scott