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January 5, 2014

my turn

The Commercial-News

---- — A common man speaks up

Let’s get real, America. Finally a common man calls sin a sin, not an alternative lifestyle.

Homosexuality is a sin. Everybody, according to God’s holy scripture, is born in sin and shaped in iniquity and needs a savior. Adultery, fornication, lying, stealing, cheating, murdering, child abusing, wife beating, being haughty, high minded or thinking we’re better than someone else, prideful — all sins.

Again, all of us are born in sin and need a savior. There’s only one true wise God and one mediator between God and man, and that’s the Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus said to Nicodemus you must be born again to see the kingdom of heaven (or have eternal life...meaning go to heaven).

Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” wasn’t judging anybody, and it was not a hate crime. He simply was repeating what the scripture tells all of us: If we don’t repent and let the blood of Jesus cleanse us from our sin, we will split Hell wide open.

Thank God a common man finally has told the truth and given all of us an opportunity to get back to solid biblical truth.

Many preachers and pulpits are watering down the Gospel trying to please people instead of telling it like it is.

A common man has, in essence, said we need to repent and let God straighten us out and get us back on track.

I fully agree with him. Most Americans agree with this common man and it’s time that others who believe the same will make the same stand and get in agreement with God.

Has anybody forgotten what God did to the Twin Cities, Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19? Immorality and homosexuality were the last sins that were evident. The men of the city wanted the two new men who were guests of Lot. Lot offered his two virgin daughters, but they didn’t want them. God caused blindness to those men on the porch and a few hours later God sent fire out of Heaven and destroyed the cities and the inhabitants in them.

Do you think God has changed his mind? God loves sinners, however he hates their sin, God sent his Son because he loves us all. His Son could die and the shedding of his blood would give us the opportunity to be saved. Anybody who repents and means it, God will forgive, cleanse and make new.

We all need a Savior, and according to the Bible (God’s word), Jesus Christ is the only one that can forgive sin.

Come on, America, let’s get with God’s program. Let’s make a stand like Phil has. Tell the truth so somebody will hear it and get free from the bondage of sin.

If enough make a stand, possibly we can get this nation back on track like our forefathers intended it to be.

Art Tabels is pastor of Harvest Time Christian Center, Georgetown.