The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 3, 2014

No change in Washington

The Commercial-News

---- — Editor:

There are factual findings that show these happenings continue year after year. Some examples: a study on the smartness of the Tea Party; cost: $400,000. Results: Its members are intelligent. Another, a study on romance novels, $914,000. A study on marriage happiness, $325,000. A study on the art of pole dancing in Texas, $150,000. The best one yet, $416 million to send red wine to China. Another, $17.6 million for tax breaks for brothers in Nevada. Millions wasted on the health care nightmare and millions wasted on ads promoting it with your tax money.

On another front, the IRS vendors owe millions in back-taxes, but the IRS continues to do business with them. The new budget recently passed by all Democrats cuts the benefits to our retired military and disabled veterans. This is a real no-brainer when you see what they really spend our taxes on.

Finally, the president’s year-end address was the usual, more deception and lies. Our president continues to change the very laws he enacted; it is illegal. He has bypassed Congress and does not abide by the laws of the Constitution. This is tyranny. Our Constitution states that if your government turns to tyranny, the people have the right to change the government. This president should be removed from office. He took an oath; he’s not abiding by it. Period.

Charles J. Matul

Covington, Ind.