The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 21, 2013

Crimes of violence are sign


COVINGTON, Ind. — Editor:

Jimmy Lee Dykes of Alabama told us he might kill someone; he beat his neighbor’s dog to death.

Had he been married, he might have told us by beating his wife or abusing his children.

Violent abuse of animals or family is a clear sign of disregard for life. If individuals lose respect for life, society needs to be very careful.

For violently beating a dog, Dykes — who recently kidnapped a child from a school bus, killed the driver and then kept police at bay for days in an underground bunker before he was killed as police rushed in to rescue the child — should have been subject to significant time in jail.

He should have been subject to judicial review of his right to legally possess firearms.

Rational law already dictates that if someone commits significant crime, they are subject to loss of their right to bear arms.

We just need to elevate cruelty to animals and acts of domestic violence to the level of “significant crime.”

Ron Gore

Covington, Ind.