The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 2, 2014

Be wise when dealing with Sunrise

The Commercial-News

---- — Be wise dealing with Sunrise


Read the fine print on contracts for Sunrise Coal. Some contracts do not include any minerals other than coal, which means Sunrise will profit if they find any other substance on someone’s land.

Coal bed methane also is not included in the contracts, which allows Sunrise to sell all the natural underground gas from someone’s land for its monetary gain. Hallador, the parent company of Sunrise Coal, has recently purchased a gas company-very convenient for selling gas from lessees’ land.

Sunrise Coal is attempting to acquire land easements for a pipeline from Georgetown to the proposed Homer site. Be aware if you sign easements for the pipeline it could include not just water lines, but also sewer lines and gas lines. So, even if when the coal mine closes, you could have pipes running through your land that could possibly leak sewage and gas.

James R. Allen