The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 30, 2012

Reconsider membership




First of all I would like to say A&R Mechanical is proud to be part of the Vermilion Advantage family. I am the division manager of the A&R sub office in Danville. I have been a Danville native my whole 60 years.

Called upon by the owners of A&R, we opened a mechanical contracting shop in Danville four years ago with the goal of providing local families the opportunity to work locally.

A&R is the largest mechanical contractor in central Illinois and, at this time, employs close to 300 people at all our divisions.

Our main office is in Urbana, with sub offices in Danville and Bloomington. When we set up our field offices we set them up to use local people to supply our material, rent our equipment and to buy our vehicles.

We also use the local labor force — pipefitters, laborers, sheet metal workers and the local sub-contractors.

Our goal is to give the local economy a boost. Let the local area people feed their families and pay their bills.

Now to my subject.

The new member is Curry Construction. Curry is from Mattoon, with no office in Danville. Its workers are from everywhere but Danville and Vermilion County. Their workers are under paid and have no health or retirement benefits.

They have done the large project at Full-Fill in Henning and they have received the contract for the new Watchfire construction in Danville. This is no celebration for Vermilion County. All of the money being spent leaves the county none stays here. The material is bought elsewhere, the labor is from somewhere else and they use outside sub-contractors. The trucks they drive are elsewhere. We purchase ours at Vermilion Chevrolet.

What advantage do you see to this company being part of our organization? I see none for the people of Vermilion County. Is the $2,500 they used to sign up that important to Vermilion Advantage?

This company will undermine the years of hard work to keep the local wages stable with benefits for our hard-working people of Vermilion County. Yes the economy is bad right now and work is slow, but do we support an out-of-town contractor that comes in and takes the food and bill money right out of the local people’s hands?

Please reconsider the admission of this company into the registry of the Vermilion Advantage. I know several of the members and they all feel as I do. It isn’t about union or non-union, it’s about what is right for the local businesses and people Vermilion County.

Terry A. Moore