The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 22, 2013

Bus changes create problems

The Commercial-News

---- — Bus changes create problems


After surviving my first week on the new DMT bus schedule, I have to wonder whose bright idea it was to make such mammoth changes! Some are feasible — it occurs on average about once every two years — but these are ridiculous, not to mention confusing!

I don’t shop at Kmart, but what about people — especially disabled people — who do? There are no longer any buses going through Kmart. People have to walk (in all kinds of weather) clear across the parking lot to catch a Vermilion bus! Several convenient outbound and inbound stops have been removed.

Bowman now takes forever as it goes clear to Walmart! Even with new businesses out north, why is it necessary in a city of only 33,000 or so people to have two buses to Wal-Mart?

I work three jobs and have regular doctor’s appointments. I now have to reschedule everything because I know have to walk nearly half the distance to catch a bus to the destination I am trying to reach! I am nearly 60, have to work outside much of the time and always looked forward to the convenience of catching a bus close to my home.

As I have often said, “progress” occasionally gives way to “regression.” I fear this may be one of those times.

Tobi L. Peck