The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 22, 2013

Voters reap what they have sown

The Commercial-News

---- — Voters reap what they have sown


As bad as things were with G.W. Bush, the American people wanted “hope and change,” Which they got with Barack Obama. What a joke on the Anerican people. Sad. You have to remember both parties — Democrats and Republicans — have played a big hand in wrecking this country of ours. The American dream is slipping away.

Both parties are controlled by the people behind the curtain. Why don’t you take a good peek to see who these people are? Pur presidents are puppets and nmost of the people in Congress are idiots. But it took the uninformed, misinformed and an apathetic electorate to put these officials into power. This has happened during the course of many years.

We — and I mean most of the American people — are reaping what we have sown, whether we voted for this crap or not.

Get ready for the ride because it is going to be a rough one. Sociaslism and Obama are in the driver’s seat. The America that I used to know is fading into the sunset. Next will be darkness and uncertainty. Take a good guess what that will be.

Jack McNeely