The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 15, 2013

Racism still exists

The Commercial-News

---- — Racism still exists


Racism still exists in this seemingly new age. Here we are clamoring to the idea that we have passed the needful times of fighting for civil rights and just treatment.

Every single day in our own black lives we see and experience racism that’s so commonplace that we have learned to expect it and accept it.

On our jobs we see how skin color promotes job security through positions of power and influence, but only if you are the right color. We see how whites push well past the set boundaries of rules and regulations and still retain their jobs and influence amongst their peers. We see how “white privilege” is still in effect and how it affects blacks daily. We know it as “if the white man gets by, the black man is sure to die” because somebody has to pay.

Here we are even today still expendable, still being merchandised and still being stepped on so that others can be reassured of their own safety and prosperity.

Thanks be to God who is Lord of all, that in him is no respect of persons because if he was like our company CEOs, plant managers, human resource officers, supervisors and even some of our union brothers, a black man wouldn’t have a chance.

Demetrius Tyler Sr.