The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 15, 2013

Racism can work both ways

The Commercial-News

---- — Racism can work both ways


“Racist” and “racism” are two ugly words that have been floating around in this nation for years. Racism isn’t confined to just the white race because it runs throughout the races.

Now it seems the words have been coming down heavy again since this president with his dark-colored skin took office.

These two words can be used as scapegoat words to try to cover up problems with this president’s policies and his administration of those policies.

Syndicated columnist Cynthia Tucker blasted the tea party and conservative groups with fiery criticisms in her Oct. 16 column. She said they had racial paranoia. I could turn her criticism around and put it on some minority groups and the groups who have been pushing hard and demanding that their perverse lifestyle be legalized with marriage for money benefits. This also gives them a foot in the door to harass ministers and businesses with verbal abuse and threats of lawsuits if they don’t bow down to their demands.

I think groups of the younger generations are so busy chasing after, bowing down to and worshiping the Progressive god that they don’t have enough sense to pull back and consider who is probably behind their god. I think this god has been hanging around this nation for years, and now look at the mess we’re in.

All I can say now is, God help us because if He doesn’t, we can be in the kind of mess that the African and Arab nations are in.

Josephine Miller

Kingman, Ind.