The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 24, 2013

Residents can do the math


DANVILLE — Editor:

Can someone please tell me why the City of Danville is considering offering voluntary separation incentives to their current workforce when just a few weeks ago it gave at least three people an average 16.5 percent salary increase?

This “cost-saving measure” is there because “if the state cuts funding ... then the city’s budget will no longer be balanced and personnel costs will likely be needed.”

Really? Did we just wake up this morning and realize this? It is called planning, city officials.

It appears to me that the city is becoming way too top heavy and bottom light.

Do you think those select few are going to go out and keep the streets clean, protect us from criminals, or make sure daily operations are maintained if we have to cut other positions in light of this new revelation? I think not.

I am truly amazed at the nerve of our city officials.

Do you think we the taxpayers are ignorant and can’t figure out the math, or that we suffer amnesia monthly and don’t remember what you did three weeks ago, or that we won’t get sick of this stupidity and one day wipe the current administrative slate clean?

Come on, people. All of us better start calling this game what it is and start letting our voices be heard.

Laura Williams