The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 14, 2013

Remember Wainwright


DANVILLE — Editor:

In regard to Diana Schutz’s article in Commercial-News where she said Danville should honor and remember James Wainwright, my parents and Jim’s were good friends. My grandfather worked with his dad. There was a difference in Jim and I’s age but, yes, I remember him, as should Danville.

When he came to town he always took my mother and his to The Deluxe to eat and visited me.

Yes, he was a great actor in TV and movies, starring with top stars. After Jim died, I wrote an article as to why they didn’t do something. They painted Wall Dogs pictures on a wall, but didn’t include Jim’s picture.

After my article I had several people tell me they remembered him and wondered why the town had forgotten him.

Shirley M. Mossey Smoot