The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 30, 2012

Vote for Democrats


OAKWOOD — Editor:

Did you know the differences between Republicans and Democrats


Pro union; pro environment, pro public education, pro choice, pro working class, pro Social Security, pro United Nations, pro government, pro slow growth, pro Medicare, pro separation state/church and pro gay rights.

Also, anti-privatization, pro clean air, higher miles per gallon for vehicles, pro balanced budget, pro conservation, pro clean water, pro helping hand, anti-tax cuts for the rich, pro national health care, war as a last option, sensible gun laws and limited capital punishment.

And nurturing father, religious tolerance, pro worker rights, pro civil rights, believe global warming, govern by the Constitution, open communication, believe in “We the people,” trusted by the world, regulation of business, tell voters the truth, see Jesus as nurturing father, anti-voucher, pro stem-cell research and preserve Mother Earth.

Republicans are anti-union, anti-environment, anti-public education, anti-choice, pro rich, anti-Social Security, anti-United Nations, anti-government, pro developer, Anti-Medicare, pro theocracy and anti-gay rights.

Also, pro privatization, anti-clean air, anti-higher miles per gallon, anti balanced budget, anti-conservation, anti-clean water, anti-helping hand, pro tax cuts for rich, anti-national health care, war as a first option, no gun laws and love capital punishment.

And strict father, religious intolerance, pro business rights, anti-civil rights, doubt global warming, govern by the Bible, secret meetings, believe in “we the rich,” not trusted by the world, little — if any — regulation, use Orwellian language, see Jesus as strict father, pro voucher, anti-stem cell research and destroy Mother Earth.

I know where I stand.

Ida Condon