The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 23, 2014

Support locally owned businesses

The Commercial-News

---- — Support locally owned businesses


Pet World has been in Danville as the local pet store for 37 years. We have seen the economy go up and down. We have always tried to stock the best products, and the best pets and fish that we could get. We also wanted to have all of the information and knowledge needed to care for these pets and fish.

We do our best to educate our customers so they will have success at keeping their pets and/or fish healthy and happy. We have always felt that there was a relationship with our customers. We need them for the success of our business, and they need us for the success of their pets or fish.

Now, the business arena has changed quite a lot. Many more large chain stores have moved into the area, and several sell competing pets and supplies. We are at a definite disadvantage, as we are a single-owner, independent pet store, with a limited advertising budget. Large chain stores have much larger budgets and can promote heavily.

Because of their large size and the ability to carry multiple types of products, they can draw more people in to shop. This can help bring people to the Danville area, but it can also hurt the small, locally owned , independent businesses.

If you have had a good experience at Pet World, or know someone who has, spread the word to support us by coming in to buy your pets, fish, and supplies. We need your help in boosting our sales.

If you want Pet World to stay in business in Danville, please support us and spread the word.

Jerry Repasy