The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 21, 2014

Humane Society must change

The Commercial-News

---- — Humane Society must change


Humane. Defined as “compassionate, sympathetic, merciful, kindhearted.” If there is anyone who feels this term should be part of the title of the Danville animal shelter, please educate yourself to the true activities conducted there. Just one instance is my story.

D.J. was my kitty, a long-haired, huge Main Coon. He was trapped by them on Jan. 10. Due to medical problems, I could not pick him up that same day when a friend called to let me know she had seen him in a tiny cage. He was scared, cowering and most likely, hissing and clawing to try to free himself. All very normal behaviors for a trapped animal.

The next day my son went to pay and pick him up. Too late. He was already put to sleep less than 24 hours after I was contacted. He had been declared as feral and mean, not worth keeping even long enough for me to reclaim.

All pet owners can relate to the unspoken bond we have. I can feel the sheer terror he felt while being killed. The only thing I’m grateful for in this horrible episode is that Dorothy is no long here to see her dream turn into a nightmare.

Nancy Orlea