The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 16, 2014

Government has failed

The Commercial-News

---- — Government has failed


After seeing such hopelessness and grief, my heart opened to the sadness I now witness. It is the sorrow and tears of America. Its people struggle for survival in a land of plenty as the stock market again broke records. The wealthy relish in their profits as the middle class and poor are left behind. Our service men and women, federal workers and our drowning seniors were rewarded with a 1 percent raise to combat food prices increasing, increased housing costs, energy and everything else. The forgotten poor had their food stamps cut along with programs designed to lift them up from destitution.

Our capitalistic from of government has failed the America people and the world. The president and the Congress reek in the stench of squalor they have served. It is the pain that has awakened America. Yes, we need a new government one that is for and by the people and not the greedy.

This Christmas, the only presents many children saw did not come from Santa Claus but The Salvation Army. How ruthless and despicable our government has become to discontinue unemployment compensation for so many families leaving them destitute. Where are the great Christian voices? If not for the pope, there would be silence.

Our criminal justice system has become another big business destroying the lives of many of our youth for Wall Street profit. The war on drug is complicit to much of our street crime. Our youth seek the American dream that has been denied them. Minimum wage jobs only present another form of slavery.

Lenard T. Leavell