The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 16, 2014

Support for Wagner

The Commercial-News

---- — Support for Wagner


About Michael Wagner’s recent arrest for allegedly forging prescriptions, I don’t understand.

What is this world coming to? They are legalizing marijuana and many doctors and practitioners prescribe hydrocodone on a daily basis. They are not only pointing the finger at Mr. Wagner, they are arresting him like he is a criminal.

The law enforcement is spending a lot of our time and money to bring down hard-working people.

Mr. Wagner is a very hard-working individual. He is a highly respected medical professional who has four wonderful sons, two of whom fought for our country, as did Mr. Wagner.

I have a feeling the law enforcement in this area has wasted two years of taxpayers’ money instead of donating to the fire department or getting criminals off the street or even for investigating child abuse.

When will they ever get their priorities straight?

Mr. Wagner is one of the best practitioners around and I am amazed this guy has so many patients who adore him. They have nothing but good to say about him. I’m sure he will get through this, but until then I will pray that he proves innocence on his part. I’m sure he will.

Janice Raymer