The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 28, 2013

Hearts and Darts

The Commercial-News

DANVILLE — Here are some of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:

Jean Ann Montague of Perrysville, Ind., sends hearts to some generous people.

"On Monday, Dec. 16, my granddaughter and I came to Danville to do some Christmas shopping. We stopped at Steak ‘n Shake to eat first. After our meal, we were standing in line to pay for our bill. There was a gentleman ahead of us paying his bill. He turned around to us, handed us a gift card to pay our bill with. All he said was ‘just return the gesture one day.’

"We were so surprised that we didn’t know what to say. He and his wife were standing by the door when we left. We smiled and thanked him for being so nice. When we got into the car to leave, I looked at Shelby and said, ‘You just thought Santa was make-believe, but he sure made believers out of us.’

"He wasn’t in a red suit nor did he have a beard, but from now on we will think of Santa differently. It had to be Santa or an angel, and he was both to us. Thank you, Santa. God bless you. Have a wonderful holiday. We will return the favor to someone.

"There are still sweet and wonderful people out there. Happy holidays! Ours sure was!"

Lori Gnaden of Westville sends hearts to "whoever paid for my gas on Friday, Dec. 20, at Mach 1 in Danville. This really brought my spirits up a little bit more. I have been struggling the past few weeks knowing that my 7-year-old son will not be here with us for Christmas due to being hospitalized.

"This kind gesture really made me feel that something positive really is in our future since everything has been so horrible lately. A big thank-you in from my family for this very kind gesture."

Evelyn Simpkins of Tilton sends hearts "to the Village of Tilton for the party given for senior citizens.

"Nancy Allison worked so hard getting prizes from all of the business people. We were given a ticket for the drawing, and everyone received something. Our young friend, ‘Dusty,’ also furnished prizes.

"Monty Schroeder catered the meal. With the help of a lot of young people, everything went great. Santa even visited!

"Entertainment was supplied bt the Georgetown Line Dancers. They were so graceful.

"Fun was had by everyone. As Monty said on the way out, ‘If you go home hungry, it’s your fault.’"

Barbara Parr of Oakwood sends hearts "to the Anonymous Gifters and Oakwood Grade School this Christmas. A special thank-you to Lori Newman and her helpers for the time spent in making this a bright one for Wyatt and Emery.

"I am truly overwhelmed at the genberosity of the people in this community."