The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 21, 2013

Officials violated oaths



Do we need background checks for officeholders? Sure do, when it comes to politicians or anyone holding public office.

This is where they have taken an oath to the Constitution and violated it.

Over the years politicians by deceit and deception have blatantly violated their oath to the Constitution in numerous ways, specifically when it comes to the Second Amendment.

Any violation to the Constitution is considered treason. These people should be removed and punished and be disqualified from holding any office ever again.

Shouldn’t we be having treason trials for all the violations against the Constitution by office holders, past and present?

Why have we, the American people allowed this to happen?

Throughout the years, the American people have been lax and tolerate of these violators.

It’s a big reason why the nation is in the mess we are in today.

Does the Constitution mean anything anymore when public officials have violated their oaths? American people should have been holding the violators feet to the fire. It’s time for change in order to save our country. Let’s do it.

Jack McNeely