The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 13, 2012

Environmental soldiers


DANVILLE — Editor:

Sometimes faith is just an excuse to not have to deal with things. Maybe the Great Spirit is losing faith in us? What if droughts keep coming, storms blow them away, then there’s more? What if the forests keep burning, dust blows in and crops dry up? Is this possible? Why not?

What’s the plan if the shade tree dies, the power goes out and things get hotter? Who do we call if the signal quits? God? Maybe he had enough and wants us to fix it ourselves. Maybe it’s time we spend what little money is left on preserving His environment instead of destroying its inhabitants. When it becomes dangerous to exist outside and people start depending on bottled water, what is the back-up plan?

Technology takes more jobs, the newspaper, the mail, etc. When your freedom is simply bought and sold, where are you going to go? To heaven? What about grandchildren who are left behind? Where’s their back-up plan?

Why not employ young people to be environmental soldiers? Maybe it’s time we start irrigating, cleaning up, and protecting from environmental catastrophes instead of letting corporations profit off warfare in the name of freedom.

When eventually there’s not enough to go around, what is the back-up plan for “freedom to earn as much as you want?”

Perhaps, we must continue to move forward but leave no one behind.

Barney Hance