The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 6, 2012

Pipeline plan revealed


COVINGTON, Ind. — Editor:

I am writing in regard to the Oct. 18 article “Texas families fight the pipeline” in the Commercial-News on Page 7A. Finally, the rest of the story is revealed.

We have been lead to believe the pipeline from Canada would provide fuel for the American citizens and provide 100,00 jobs. This is not quite true.

Temporary jobs for the laying of the pipeline would be realized, but the fuel would go the highest worldwide bidder.

Some time ago, my husband called our congressional office. His suggestion was to build a refinery in the north and truck the refined product throughout the country. This would provide permanent employment at the refinery and boost the trucking industry.

He was informed the oil must go to the south so it could be shipped around the world to the highest bidder. We had not heard that information about the pipeline.

The Oct 18th article confirms what he was told. The American citizens have little to gain from the pipeline. Our landscape would be permanently ruined and the employment opportunity would only be temporary. It seems to me only the oil industry will benefit.

How much “truth in reporting” do we really have? It seems half truths are more often provided. Thank you for printing that article.

Susan Norman

Covington, Ind.