The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 2, 2012

Vote for O’Shaughnessy


DANVILLE — Editor:

Rarely do we have a chance to elect someone to a public office who is as experienced and qualified to hold that office as we do in Tom O’Shaughnessy for the office of recorder.

His experience, qualifications and character far surpass that of his opponent. O’Shaughnessy has handled more than a thousand real estate transactions. He has conducted hundreds of title searches using the recorder’s office records.

O’Shaughnessy co-chairs the Vermilion County Bar Association Real Estate Committee and has more than 30 years of experience in real estate law. His commitment to volunteering in our community also is extraordinary, which is evidenced by Tom receiving a “Citizen of the Year” award.

His opponent cannot claim to have any of this experience or qualifications which are so vital to the recorder’s office. Ironically, she even sought to eliminate this office while serving on the Vermilion County Board. Her negative radio ads never mention any of her qualifications, but instead, attempt to deceive you into thinking she is the only one who will work full time. This speaks volumes about her character.

Tom O’Shaughnessy is committed to working full time as the county recorder.

I have worked the last 26 years for Vermilion County and know both of these individuals well. I am voting for the one who is honest, hardworking, experienced and qualified. Tom O’Shaughnessy is the one who possesses all these qualities.

Vote Tom O’Shaughnessy on Nov. 6.

David Harrold