The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 16, 2013

We need spiritual quality

The Commercial-News

---- — Editor:

Nate Cunningham said in his July 28 letter that it was his opinion or mindset that religion has no place in political policy. That’s his opinion, his business. But here’s another opinion.

Religion is one thing, but there is this word — wisdom. I consider true wisdom is made up of three things: spiritual quality, intelligence and common sense. The politicians are intelligent, but if they have any of the other two qualities, they seem to be pushing them aside for their personal political agenda.

We can learn some common sense in living this life, but where and how do we learn spiritual quality? We have spiritual quantity in this with all of the religions parked here, but that isn’t necessarily spiritual quality. Two words with different meanings. I think if we had this quality, the nation wouldn’t be in such a mess.

He mentioned fraud in the government and how the politicians cater to the rich, large corporations and political projects. So what about the defrauders and takers out here in the grass roots? Who are they supposed to be catering to?

It’s all a reflection of what goes on at the top, goes on out here, and what goes on out here, goes on at the top. It’s all for personal gain no matter what damage is being done to this nation as a whole nation.

Josephine Miller

Kingman, Ind.