The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 5, 2013

Hoopeston changes liquor license fees

The Commercial-News

---- — HOOPESTON — City council members voted 7-1 Tuesday to pass the amended liquor licenses and fees ordinance.

The amended ordinance added a Class BB license, which authorized the retail sale of malt and vinous liquors only. The specified liquor can only be sold and served during the hours when food is being served at a table. The fee for this license is $550.

The Class B License, which authorizes the sale of malt and vinous liquors sold as retail only, added the wording that it could not be used or consumed on the premises.

The final amended item was in regard to Special Events Licenses. It struck out the 12 licenses per year limit, made it unlimited and added that an application for a special events liquor license could be filed one calendar year prior to the date the license was requested.

The number of liquor licenses was not changed.

One communication was brought to council members regarding New Year’s Eve. Doug Wagoner, from Fast Lanes Bowling Alley, requested a meeting with the mayor about changing the hours on the poker machines usage to the same as the bar hours for New Year’s Eve.

According to the Illinois State law, poker machines have to be turned off at midnight. Mayor Bill Crusinberry said he would call an open meeting with Wagoner, Andy Braden, owner of BJ’s Pump, and others with poker machines to discuss the matter.

In other council business, the notice of violation ordinance was amended unanimously. Any property that constitutes a public nuisance, according the the chief of police or authorized representative of the city, “would send a notice in writing and served in person or sent by first class mail to the last known address of the person alleged to own or maintain the premises in question” and the notice would “provide the recipient with contact information and give” a reasonable opportunity to meet and discuss the allegations and need for any abatement.

n Learned from Mike Streff, Foth Infrastructure & Environment, L.L.C., the EPA loan offer had been received and was sent to the city for review. Interest for the loan was 1.9 percent with two years to pay it back. The mayor now has to sign the notice of award to Leander Construction in order for the business to provide the performance and payment bond and certificate of insurance to the city for the contract.

Streff suggested the mayor sign the first loan disbursement so the city can be reimbursed for what it has already paid.

Alderman Bill McElhany expressed his relief, stating, “Thankful we are going forward. We are a lot closer than we were eight years ago (when the project was first started with the EPA). We are standing on the threshold.”

n Learned a lot of the new fire equipment to replaced that which was destroyed in the J&R Used Tire fire had arrived. Alderman Joe Fell added that fire chief Cliff Crabtree thanked the community for its support, added that all the departments that aided Hoopeston were invited to the parade last Saturday and more than 100 firefighters were fed as a thank you for the aid.

n Learned a bass dropped off in the Floral Hill Cemetery pond was captured and released at the McFerren Park Lagoon. The bass had eaten more than eight dozen goldfish during his sojourn in the cemetery pond.

The eight dozen fish have been replaced.

n The next Hoopeston City Council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Sept. 17 in City Hall, 301 W. Main St.