The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 25, 2012

Focus on your driving


DANVILLE — The hustle and bustle of holiday traffic adds to the already busy streets in our communities, creating a greater potential for accidents — especially if the snow in Tuesday’s forecast create slick roads.

Adding to all of this, of course, are the drivers who think their brains are good enough to split their attention be between sharing the highways safety with fellow motorists and taking the call of their cellphones.

We’ve become accustomed to drivers who like to keep their intentions a mystery to their fellow motorists by not using turn signals — seriously, how much effort does it take to depress the turn-signal level beside the steering wheel? — waiting until the last split-second to switch lanes or make a turn and those who believe the bright, red “STOP” signs merely serve as a suggestion and not a command.

The drivers that really create the greatest these days, however, are the ones chatting away — or worse yet, texting — on their phones, almost oblivious to what’s going on around them.

Their lack of attention not only puts themselves and their passengers at risk, but they can create hazards for others on the street with them.

It’s difficult to imagine why most phone calls can’t be allowed to go to voice mail while the recipient is driving. Generations of drivers managed to travel from Point A to Point B with taking a single phone call. And they were all the better for it.

So, do the rest of us a favor this holiday season — and year around, for that matter — turn off your phone if you can’t resist its ring. Wait until you’re in the parking lot, safely stationary.

It will make the season merrier for us all.