The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 7, 2013

See something? Say something


DANVILLE — For the fourth time already this year, Danville police are investigating a fatal shooting that ended the life of an 18-year-old Wednesday night.

The shooting was the 16th time this year someone had been hit by a bullet.

It can be easy to ignore these incidents if they occur in a certain part of the city — especially if it’s not the part where you live. Ignoring the shootings, however, won’t make them stop.

Four people dead from gunfire re four too many.

The police cannot solve these crimes by themselves.

In the fatal shooting that occurred before Wednesday’s, a man reportedly fired a rifle-like weapon into the front of a house. One of the bullets struck a 21-year-old woman in the back, killing her. Others were injured.

In Wednesday’s shooting, information from those at the scene led to a quick arrest.

Someone in the community knows information that could help police solve the shootings where no arrests have been made. If the community wants this violence to stop, the community must step forward with information. The quick arrest and prosecution of the guilty parties will help make our neighborhoods safer for everyone.

Keeping silent only rewards those who recklessly took the lives of others. It does nothing to improve the situation.

Without this assistance from residents, the likelihood of these shootings spreading to other areas remains high.

Those who have information can call Crime Stoppers, 446-8477. They can remain anonymous, and could receive a reward if the information leads to the arrest of those guilty of the killings.

If you know something, speak up. Now.