The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 8, 2012

Now the real work begins


DANVILLE — That sigh of relief heard stretching from one end of the country to the other Tuesday night noted the end of nasty campaign commercials and of the election season. But it doesn’t mean the work is done.

Vermilion County elected a new majority to its county board, which could mean changes as the Republicans take over. For the most part, local races were conducted with a civil tone.

Now the focus — of those who supported the winners and those who backed the losers — must be toward progress at all levels of government.

At the state level, lawmakers must resolve Illinois’ escalating debt problem, especially the money required to make sure promises made to those with state pensions are kept without bankrupting the rest of us.

Pushing the gambling bill — which includes a casino for Danville — through the General Assembly could spark growth in local jobs as well.

At the county level, officials face a major decision regarding the future of Vermilion Manor Nursing Home. The state owes the county-owned facility a lot — really a lot — of money. County officials are concerned that keeping the nursing home going could cost local taxpayers a bundle.

Voters gave county board members the option of selling Vermilion Manor, if officials decide that’s the best course. In any case, they must keep the welfare of the facility’s residents as their primary concern.

And, as we prepare to move toward the holidays and leave the election season behind us, candidates and their supporters could do everyone a huge favor. Please go out and pick up all of the campaign signs posted in every nook and cranny of the county.

Then we can start getting ready to do it all over again soon.