The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 22, 2014

State faces growing deficit

The Commercial-News

---- — Members of the Illinois General Assembly will start a new session later this month, and discussion about the state’s growing deficit must take center stage.

Lawmakers managed to put together a solution to the state’s ballooning pension problem late last year. But resolving that long-time problem provided only a small relief to the growing deficit.

According to The Associated Press, Illinois could see its deficit grow to $13 billion during the next 25 years unless something is done.

There are only two ways to do that: cut spending and/or raise revenue.

They cannot ignore the deficit. Doing nothing, which seems to be the Legislature’s favorite path only aggravates the problem.

Leaders from both parties have a chance to stand up. Without a solution, the state will continue to slide further behind its Midwestern neighbors in terms of growth.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed lawmakers are ready to do some real work later this month.