The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 12, 2013

Tell Mom thanks


DANVILLE — Mother’s Day will mean a flurry of flowers, a cascade of cards and plenty of phone calls — and, in this day and age, probably a ton of text messages as well.

Whether our Moms are still with us or not, our thoughts will involve the memories of the woman who raised us. And, if we are like most people, our appreciation of the time and effort our Moms put into trying to do right by us grows the older we become.

During a child’s younger years, mothers often are not the June Cleaver — younger readers, check with your grandparents if that cultural reference is unknown to you — many make her out to be.

Moms make rules and enforce them, despite tears and tantrums. They establish standards and limits, and expect their children to abide by them. And they set expectations — the higher the better — and hope their children can live up to them.

This is the day to thank our Moms for their efforts to raise us right, for caring for us when were sick, for cheering for us from the sidelines and for grounding us when we stepped out of bounds.

Moms stay on the job despite the age of their children. Their means of influence might change — few adults still receive a time-out for doing something wrong — but their effectiveness in guiding, advising and helping remain the same.

Moms always see the best in us, the potential for something better and the talents in each of us. They can be our biggest fans, and our sternest taskmasters.

They do it out of love, with the hope that our lives will be better than theirs. And they do it out of pride for the adults we become.

Give Mom a call today and tell her thanks, wherever she might be. Prove to her the effort paid off.