The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 11, 2013

Road work holds promise in future


DANVILLE — Any driver in Danville knows road work — lots of road work — can interrupt routes in almost every part of the city. As aggravating as that can be, the results will be worth it.

A couple of the projects — elimination of the Fairchild subway and construction of a large overpass in its place as well as the East Main Street widening work — will pay big benefits eventually.

The Fairchild subway was a unique underpass near Danville High School, but the passage of time — and the pressure of storm water — created a hazardous situation. Even though the overpass might be as aesthetically pleasing as the architecture of the subway, the street will be much safer.

The East Main Street widening work marks the end of a long-term project that began on the city’s west side. Already the city has seen new development along stretches of the street where work has been completed.

Now city officials are putting together a local coalition to consider potential development along East Main from Bowman Avenue to Kansas Ave.

The potential for growth — the stretch includes the VA Illiana Health Care System campus and Danville Area Community College — is huge.

Residents on the city’s east side have asked for their neighborhoods to be considered in the city’s development plans, and it looks like their wishes will now at least get a good look from the experts. This project could lead to some significant development in an area that helps form a first impression of the community on many visitors.

So, while road projects can create temporary inconvenience for local drivers, some of the work holds the potential for growth down the road. Patience could pay off big in the years ahead.