The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 23, 2013

Help CRIS help others

The Commercial-News

---- — Today’s mobile society creates significant changes for families, one of the most apparent being the way many extended families no longer live close to one another.

With younger relatives living farther away, some elderly residents can find themselves virtually on their own — especially if their mobility has been reduced by age or injury.

CRIS Healthy Aging Center offers a variety of programs to help local elderly residents. One of the most popular is its meals program. Residents can gather at sites to share a nutritious meal at a modest cost.

For elderly residents who cannot get out and about as they once did, volunteers will deliver meals to their door.

CRIS is looking for more volunteers to help with this important program. Those who deliver meals do more than just hand over a package of tasty food. They also serve as a contact for elderly residents and can notify family members if they think problems arise with the resident.

Other volunteers simply call elderly residents who are part of the program to check on their well-being and to provide a bit of conversation with people who might otherwise spend much of their time alone.

The volunteers need to commit to just a few hours each week, but their benefits far exceed the time involved. All volunteers must go through a background check.

Churches and local civic organizations could take on certain routes as a way to reach out and serve their communities.

Those interested becoming a volunteer should contact Les Woodrum, CRIS nutrition coordinator, at 443-2999.

As our area’s population grows older, programs such as the ones administered by CRIS will play an even more important role in helping to ensure the health and well-being of elderly residents. If you have a few hours each week to devote to helping others, consider giving CRIS a call.