The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 18, 2013

Today's jobs require skills

The Commercial-News

---- — Area residents can take advantage of an opportunity Saturday to tour five of the most technologically advanced industries in the area. It will provide a look at how today’s manufacturing operates.

Danville Metal Stamping, Fiberteq, ThyssenKrupp Presta, Watchfire Signs and ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft will welcome visitors on Saturday. There is an age limit — no one under 10 will be allowd and those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult — and some safety requirements such as no open-toed shoes, high heels or shorts. And due to the unique manufacturing processes involved, no cameras will be allowed.

Visitors will see that manufacturing remains alive and well in Vermilion County, although these aren’t your grandfather’s — or even your father’s — factory jobs.

Today’s manufacturing requires workers with strong reading and math skills, and the ability to make decisions independently.

Needless to say, safety remains a key component in any factory, so workers must be focused on their tasks — which is why many of today’s company’s require applicants to pass a drug test.

The days of being able to just show up and slog through eight hours on the clock until it was time to punch out are long gone. Jobs no longer depend on who you know but what you can do.

Many of the area’s manufacturing plants have job openings, but have trouble finding applicants with the necessary skills. Danville Area Community College developed programs to help fill the need, but openings for jobs with good pay and benefits remain.

Opportunities exist for those willing to take the extra step to develop the necessary skills. Find out more on Saturday.