The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 19, 2013

Keep the courthouse


DANVILLE — The federal courthouse on Danville’s North Vermilion Street stands to lose another tenant soon as the bankruptcy court moves to a newer federal building in Urbana.

The announcement sent local officials hustling to find ways to preserve the landmark building and, hopefully, continue its use by the public.

The courthouse still houses a few other offices, and some federal business will be conducted there. But a large part of the beautiful building — with its marble floors and beautiful woodwork — remains unused.

Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer already has started an effort to keep the building viable. If the federal government doesn’t want to use the site, he hopes officials might give it over to the city.

Those efforts, and those of other local officials trying to prevent the courthouse from becoming an empty building deserve the public’s support. The structure is a downtown landmark. Its demise would rob the community of a significant piece of downtown’s landscape.

Local residents can help by writing to their federal representatives and asking them to join in local efforts to save the courthouse.