The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 25, 2012

Have the talk with the kids about drug use


DANVILLE — It’s not unusual to hear complaints these days about parents who would rather be friends with their children rather than imposing rules and enforcing discipline.

Being a parents isn’t always easy. Circumstances can lead to difficult situations and awkward conversations. But that’s part of a parent’s role in order to protect his or her children from making bad decisions.

One of those conversations involves drug use. With Red Ribbon Week running through Oct. 31, this is a good time for parents to sit down and really make clear their rules regarding drug use.

Red Ribbon Week is designed to educate children about the hazards of drug use.

Its organizers encourage parents to set a good example, to monitor children’s behavior and to establish clear rules about not using drugs.

Children can’t be expected to take such conversations seriously if their parents then go out and party on the weekend or condone the use of drugs by others.

Such a double standard can lead children to experiment on their own, thinking drug use can’t be that bad if they see their own parents doing it.

Area schools also are involved in spreading the word, encouraging students to make a pledge not to use drugs.

With drug use so prevalent, it’s important children hear the right thing from their parents before they face the decision on their own. It’s time to have that talk.