The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 9, 2013

Be sure to vote today


DANVILLE — Residents across Vermilion County can take advantage of the opportunity today to help select leaders in their communities and schools by casting their ballots.

Unfortunately, the selection of those who make decisions that will affect many will be made by a few.

The director of the Danville Election Commission predicted that less than 20 percent of the registered voters in the city will vote today. And that’s just the residents who bother to register, so the actual percentage of residents deciding city council and school board contests will be even smaller than that.

Complaining about government — local state and federal — is a national pastime. Everybody likes to complain about some aspect or another of government and its actions.

Election day provides the opportunities to transform those complaints into action.

Think your part of town is being ignored? Go vote for the candidate who says he or she will change that.

Think the direction of local schools has drifted away from what should be its primary focus? Cast a ballot for the candidate who promises to put things back on track.

The privilege of voting doesn’t come cheap. Many nations of the world still look at the United States with envy as its citizens cast ballots without threat of violence or intimidation. And many have fought and died to preserve and protect that privilege. To ignore the opportunity to vote disrespects all those who have gone before us.

Voting requires inly a few minutes of your time, but the results will be felt by many for the next several years. Be a part of those decisions. Vote for the candidates you think will best serve our communities and schools.