The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 14, 2013

Spruce up for DACC visitors


DANVILLE — Danville area residents should plan a bit of early spring cleaning this week as the community prepares to serve as host for the National Junior College Athletic Association Men’s Division II Basketball Tournament.

With a winter’s worth of debris and litter along the city’s streets, sidewalks and — unfortunately — in many yards, it’s worth a bit of extra effort to be sure everything looks as good as it can for next week’s visitors.

Team members, coaches, support staff and fans from 16 community college teams from across the nation will be in Danville next week, along with officials, scouts, coaches from four-year schools here to watch the players and just plain fans of outstanding basketball.

Danville and the Vermilion County community continue to serve as hosts for the tournament year after year due to the planning of its organizers and the commitment of its volunteers.

The residents of the community should be willing to do their part as well.

Teams will travel throughout the city next week.

They will stay in area hotels and some teams make it a point to visit elementary classes.

No one can underestimate the value a good impression can make of those who visit Danville for the tourney. And a large part of that impression comes from the way our community looks.

So set aside a little time this weekend to get out and pick up trash, get rid of fallen tree limbs and make neighborhoods look a bit brighter as winter begins to end.

Danville should put on its best look when the visitors come calling next week.